Infuse your recipes with a rich, tangy taste with the help of this 5 lb. bag crumbled blue cheese. Combining tangy, yet balanced blue cheese flavor with pre-crumbled convenience, this blue cheese is the ingredient you need to take any dish from ordinary to extraordinary! Create savory cobb salads with fresh romaine tossed with this blue cheese, diced turkey, and bacon pieces. Or, mix with softened butter as a rich topping to your juicy grilled or broiled steaks. Providing the ultimate versatility, you can even melt this cheese to create dips or dressings, perfect for serving as a side to your fiery buffalo wings at your sports bar.

This crumbled blue cheese features a semi-soft, creamy texture that pairs well in a variety of dishes. Whether topping over a fresh salad, adding to pizza, or thickening sauces and dressing, this blue cheese is sure to add depth of earthy flavor and an appetizing aroma to your foods. Stock up on this 5 lb. supply in your restaurant, bar, or cafe to ensure you always have blue cheese on hand for your culinary needs.

Blue Cheese Crumbles

    • Tangy, earthy blue cheese flavor
    • Semi-soft, creamy texture
    • Provides a full-flavored finishing touch to salads, pizzas, or in sauces and dressings
    • Pre-crumbled convenience saves kitchen prep time