A staple in any sandwich shop, complete any hot or cold sandwich with the classic taste of these Great Lakes Cheese 1.5 lb. yellow mild cheddar cheese slices. The yellow color comes from a natural-plant based coloring made of annatto, which doesn't affect the taste. These cheese slices features a mild, buttery cheddar flavor and semi-firm texture that pairs well with nearly every sandwich, making them essential in any deli, cafe, or diner. Create gourmet sandwiches, like a chicken, apple, and cheddar cheese panini, or a turkey and bacon grilled cheese sandwich. Or, use these slices to top your locally-famous burgers.

The cheese is pre-cut into individual, perfectly-portioned slices that are cost-efficient and easy to grab, saving you valuable prep time. Plus, the cheese is made with natural ingredients to bring out the best flavors in your food, so you can feel confident you are serving the best to your customers. Perfect for nearly any foodservice establishment, these cheese slices combines the convenience you desire, with the great taste your customers crave.

1.5 lb. Yellow Mild Cheddar Cheese Slices

    • Yellow cheddar cheese with a mild, buttery flavor and semi-firm texture
    • Made with all natural ingredients
    • Pre-cut into individual slices for ease of prep
    • Perfect for using on gourmet sandwiches