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Who We Are

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Farmer Jack Produce, Inc. was started in 2009 by former Restaurateur Bryan Guy Vincent as a way to bring fresher better valued products to the restaurants of Central Florida. We deliver quality produce, paper goods, and dairy products to hundreds of restaurants and food service businesses. Farmer Jack Produce has been recognized as a trusted source for fresh, high-quality produce, superior customer service and fair pricing. Throughout the years we have emphasized the importance of customer service and meeting customer needs. Not only do we provide you with the best, but we also do it with a smile on our face.
Our company implements our core values each day throughout all levels of our business. We strive to be attentive and courteous; do business with the utmost integrity and respect; and to be flexible as a service-focused advocate to our customers and our team.

We service a diverse customer base six days a week, all year round. We provide restaurants, grocers and independent buyers flexible and friendly pickup or delivery options that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Our customers can place their order any time before 8:00pm with next day delivery.

For Restaurateur
From the kitchen to the front of the house, we know that being a successful restaurant demands fresh food from reliable vendors.
We have significant experience in supplying produce for the restaurant business. For years we have been supporting the dynamic environment and changing menus for various sized restaurants, from fine dining to causal settings. We have a deep understanding the needs of the chefs and kitchen staff and we understand how that impacts the success of the restaurant and customer experience. Farmer Jack Produce is structured around flexibility and resources in order to provide your restaurant with the freshest produce available when you need it.

For Schools

Increasing number of schools and universities have begun to source more foods locally and to provide complementary educational activities to students that emphasize food, farming, and nutrition. It is essential to encourage young people to eat fresh fruits and vegetables early in life enables them to develop healthy habits that can continue to adulthood. Farmer Jack Produce participates in ways to highlight seasonal produce during breakfast and lunch. We feature salads and salad bars with new vegetables and educate students on unique fruits and vegetables. We work with nutrition managers and staff to provide top quality, consistency, excellent service, and same day deliveries.   

For Grocer 
Whether you’re a big chain or a local market, we have the flexibility to provide grocers the selection that customers desire, wholly at a reasonable price.
Grocery stores, big and small, all have specific needs to meet customer demands. At Farmer Jack Produce, we have a highly experienced staff that sources the very best produce to meet your store’s needs. We have the flexibility to offer you customized options as well as pick up or delivery services, six days a week, year round.

For Seasonal Markets
We recognize that seasonal roadside markets thrive from a community-focused, loyal customer base and depend on freshness and availability. At Farmer Jack Produce we have the ability to cater to your specific needs.
Market owners and staff know that freshness and availability are key to running a successful operation. Whether you are a part of a community fresh market, individual buyer or roadside stand, you know that customers count on quality produce that is made convenient. Farmer jack offers year-round stable items as well as high-demand seasonal selections to ensure your customers are satisfied and continue to come back.

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