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Quality. Performance. Value.


Portion Bags 6X3X15 1000ct    

Portion Bags 4x2x8 1m 1,000ct

To Go Bag (THANK YOU) 900ct

Trash Can liner 38x58 100-60Gal 1.5ml



Ash Trays 12 pack

Bar Cherries Stem on 4/1Gallon

Bar Olives Stuffed 4/1Gallon    

Bar Stir Straw Ebony 5.25 10/1,000 10,000ct    

Straw Black Unwrapped 7 3/4 5000ct 

Beverage Napkin 8/500 ct

Black Beverage Napkin 10x10 2 ply 600ct   

Grenadine Qt. Qt.

Pint Glass 16oz Case

Roses Lime Qt. 


Hot Dog Togo Box 500ct case   Togo Box Black 9x9 200ct   Togo Box 8in.

Single compartment (MED) 200ct Togo Box 8in.

3 compartment (Small) 200ct

Togo Box 9.25x9.25x3

1 comp 200ct

Togo Box 9x9

3 compartment 200ct    

Togo Box Black 8in.

3 compartment 200ct 

Togo Box sandwich size Foam Hinges 200ct




Beer/Bar Glass Cleaner 100x14G/0.5oz

Beer/Bar Glass Sanitizer Packet 100/ 1/4oz  Bleach 6/1 Gallon 

Dish Soap Dawn 4/1 Gallon    

Green Scour Pad 20ct    

Santi Tabs 150ct    

Slash Oven Grill Clean 4/1 Gallon    Stainless Steel Sponge 12ct    

Wet Naps 1000ct     

Glass Cleaner 4/1Gallon    

Mop Head Each   




Brown Towel Natural 12 Roll  

C Fold Towels 10" 16ct 2400pk

 Hand Santi GOJO 6ct   

Hand Soap 800ml pink clean 12ct

Paper Towel Center Pull 6ct 600ft paper    

Toilet Paper Dispenser Single Jumbo Each  Toilet Tissue 500 sheet 96ct small roll

Toilet Tissue Jumbo 9"2ply 12 Roll

Urinal Screen with block Cherry 12ct



Printer Paper non Thermal 3in. 3/10ct 

Printer Paper Thermal 3in. 50ct




Clear Plastic Wrap   

Deli Wax Paper 12"x10.75 pdr 12pack/500  

ToGo Cutlery Kit Fork/Knife/Salt/Pepper 500ct

Paper Towel White Kitchen Towel 30ct Kitchen Towel



12oz Styro Cup 12/12 1000ct

16oz Styro Cup 16/16 1000ct   

16oz Lid Straw Slot 1000ct    

2oz Portion Cup Dart Brand 10/250ct

2oz cup lids 10/250ct    

32oz foam cup Dart Big Drink 500ct  

44oz Styro Cup 500ct      

Plastic 16oz 20/500 pack   

Trans Cup 9oz 2500ct    




Dinner Napkin 15x17 4,000ct

Dinner Napkin 17x17 4,000ct

Linen Like Napkins 16x16 air laid     Napkin Dispense Express Nap 6,000ct 

Eco-friendly disposable utensils made of
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